Ears To Hear

Saturday, October 31, 2009


There are many changes taking place in our nation and world today in which we do not like. Everyone thinks change is needed and rightly so. We as Christians are to be about the Fathers business (not govt. business), and if we are, it will bring about the change in our lives The Lord has Purposed to take place. God’s Purpose for us is to be being conformed into the very image of Jesus Christ. (Romans 8:29) All things work together for good with that purpose and that purpose is CHANGE. The scripture in Romans 8:28-29 says God foreknew those who would surrender to being conformed to the image of His Son (accept Jesus as Lord and Savior).

How much CHANGE (salvation/sanctification) is taking place in your life in which the Lord is responsible for? Are you falling more in love with Jesus every day? Are you speaking of Him on your job, in the classroom, in the market place, and wherever you go? And no, I did not ask if you were inviting people to church so your pastor could tell them about Jesus. That’s not our mission. OUR mission is to tell them about Jesus and let the Lord Lead them to church. We need to get back to The mission and come out from among those who refuse to be about more than systematic programs and activities in the churchy, church world today.

The mission is to preach/share Jesus. He will do the rest. Can you trust the Lord to do what needs to be done in our community and to make the changes in us and our churches that will allow the Lord to pour His Spirit out like never before? We need change and the Lord calls it revival. No, not something we schedule in the Spring and Fall, but rather our complete surrender to His Will, His conforming us into the image of His Son, Jesus. It can only come to and through those who fear the Lord, for it is them that He’s given a banner to be displayed because of the Truth. (Psalms 60:4) Truth is Christ and Him crucified.

We are praying for you, and the Lord is trying to desperately reach this region, nation, and world we live in. Who will have ears to hear?

Pastor Curtis Hutchinson
CrossWay Church

Ark-La-Tex Regional Pastoral Staff/Pastor 903-799-7462

Thursday, October 8, 2009


In Acts chapter 8, we have a man from Ethiopia who had traveled to Jerusalem to worship. As he is returning home from his worship we find him reading the Word of God along the way. The problem is that he doesn’t even know Who he is reading about until Philip shows up to tell him. He is found reading Isaiah 53:7-8, the prophetic story given to Isaiah concerning a coming Savior to suffer and die for the sins of the world. Philip asked him if he understood what he was reading. His answer was basically, "no, how can I unless a man tell me?" Right there you have the reason God sent Philip to the eunuch, just as God has sent Son Life Radio and CrossWay Church to this region, that the people might UNDERSTAND what it is they are reading.
Gods Word says understanding will keep you (Proverbs 2:11), but it also says that we are kept by the Power of God through Faith (1 Peter 1:5). Of course the common ground here and the ability to rightly divide Scripture comes only with our knowledge and faith in what Jesus did at Calvary. Understanding is the knowledge of the Holy (Proverbs 9:10) (knowing God) and the only way one can Know God is by Knowing Christ and the only way one can Know Christ is to accept His Finished Work on the cross by faith. That is the understanding that will keep you, because that is The Power of God (1 Corinthians 1:18).

The Word of God tells us we are to learn and be comforted by the scriptures (Romans 15:4), and that can take place only if we UNDERSTAND what we are reading. Jesus opened the UNDERSTANDING of His disciples by Revealing to them that the Law of Moses, the prophets, and Psalms were all about Him and what He came to do. (Luke 24:45-46) This is the only Light we can come to Know Truth as it is written. Satan also is busy teaching Christians the Word of God, but always AWAY from the context in which it was written, which crushed his head. The context of the Word of God is Christ and Him crucified. Believe that or keep pretending and playing church and allowing the enemy to teach you doctrines of devils with the power of seducing spirits. You have a choice. Come out from among them.

We are praying for you,
Pastor Curtis