Ears To Hear

Monday, November 24, 2008


Although I have been in Christian ministry for over fourteen years, it has only been in the last five years The LORD has begun to Teach me The TRUTH. We cannot learn TRUTH if all we are being taught is law. I had been side tracked like almost the entirety of the church today, using Scripture out of context just like that old devil does. The enemy does not always just add or take away, be he also quotes Scripture like it is written, but has a wrong motive behind his use of it. He took Jesus to a high pinnacle and asked Him to jump quoting a part of Psalm 91 to Him.

How is Scripture being thrown at you today? In what context is Scripture being given to you today? If it is NOT in the context of what Jesus came to do at the cross, there is leaven mixed in with it, and the enemy is behind it. The devil does transform his minister's as the minister's of righteousness, but they can be detected if we are truly Bible Believers and not just mere puppets who sit in church week after week agreeing with everything the preacher says. These preachers may sound and look like they have your best interests at heart, but if they truly do, they will preach to you what Jesus did for you at Calvary to show that is was your best interests He had in mind. Christ and Him crucified is all Paul preached, and warned that today would come when many would be seduced by evil spirit's producing false doctrine, falling away from THE FAITH (Christ and Him crucified).
Time is running out. Please understand that the Pharisees knew that Jesus was the Messiah, but He wasn't the one THEY wanted, because he was taking all the attention off everything they exalted (themselves, their purpose, dreams, goals, etc…) YOU KNOW THE ANSWER IS THE CROSS, but is it The Answer from The LORD you are willing to put your total Trust in? If so, you will be found among those who are of the same spirit, like mind, striving together for THE FAITH (Christ and Him crucified). You will be empowered by the Holy Spirit to come out from among them for His Name sake, and for the sake of THE TRUTH.
Are you willing to give up what YOU have planted? Are you willing to give up what YOU have been the leader of for years? Is ALL that, that YOU have done, more important to you than TRUTH? For those who have ears to hear, I will see you in THE FAITH.

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